Friday, April 4, 2008

Common Sense is not so Common

Seeing as how this is the first post, I want to create some sort of declaration of purpose. If you ask anyone that knows me well enough, you will find out that I am against the idea of blogging. The reason for this is what blogging has become. Every 12-year old with access to mommy's computer can create and spew random garbage content onto a blog, therefore the process of actually finding some intellectual content on a blog can be as tedious and painful as wading through a sewer in search of a leprechauns pot of gold.

Now you're beginning to see my disdain for the majority of the so-called "blogosphere". You may then begin to question why I am even bothering to write, why I would waste my time and certainly why I am starting my own blog. It seems hypocritical of me, I can't fully refute that. However I believe there are very few people in general that have the capacity for common sense. I want to find these people and wake them up from the fantasy media-centric world we live in to get a good look at the bigger picture. Certain things which we have never even heard of have so much potential to change our lives and they need to be paid attention to.

It has become apparent that common sense, at least in America, is utterly uncommon and sometimes just seems downright rare. Why then, should it even be called "common" sense? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about? My first question doesn't really even need to be answered, if I had a better term for it I would indeed use it. So what is this all about? Common sense? It's the part of our minds that can look at something and immediately determine whether or not that something is even plausible. If I told you the Tooth Fairy visited me last night and we started a rock band with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, you would probably laugh as if I was joking. Your mind would immediately tell you that I am full of crap. This is the degree of common sense most people have, the ability to determine the validity of something that is painfully obvious. True common sense is being able to apply that same principle no matter what you are predisposed to believe. If I told you that there is an invisible man that lives in the sky and watches everything everyone does every second, depending on who you are you would probably agree with that. I want to address this issue.


Vlad said...

interesting read...I agree with you

google4christmas said...

really interesting, never thought of it that way

F. Tard said...

Nice read, but a bit long. Keep up the good work though!

Swift Love said...

This blog has quite the following!